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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fanexpo 2016: Fallout 4 Raider - now with Special Pipboy!

In addition to some cosmetic tweaks to my Fallout raider cosplay, I've disassembled, repainted/stenciled and weathered the Fallout 4 "Pipboy edition" into a Vault-tec colored wearable prop. I wore it to FanExpo Toronto.

Here's an in-universe bio I wrote for this piece:

"Congratulations citizen! You've been randomly selected to receive a special blue, yellow and grey Vault-tec branded pipboy! This certainly isn't part of a nefarious social experiment wherein your overseer monitors the effects of social exclusion and jealousy surrounding perceived social difference. No sir! Anyone who said that is a liar, and should be reported immediately to your overseer. Enjoy strolling about your vault in style, with Vault-tec brand pipboy! Stylish and elegant: you'll be the talk of the community!"

Based on a modified texture design by "Taiwendo" at Nexus Mods: