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Sunday, November 15, 2015

New Fallout Thingverse Models - Props and Action Figures

Some amazing things are popping up on Thingverse, available for free download and printing if you have access to a 3D printer:

Designs by rbuckbailey include 3.75" Fallout armor figures, 3D Catan and Carcassonne game tiles, and more.  His FO3 Power armor was created by exporting the Fallout 3 game models and patching them to be watertight and solid - much like I did to mine before printing and full resculpting.

However, he's designed 3D printed inset snap-joints to create a free GI JOE sized toy kit: a great idea. I think it would also be possible to print these at any scale, and simply inset factory-made plastic joints.

However, the real surprise I got today from my Chris over at Combustible Props - There's a fellow who goes by lilykill on Thingverse who is releasing high quality Prop-scaled Fallout pieces for download and 3D printing: