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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Halloween 2015: Fallout / Mad Max Raider v3

Working from the prop and costumes I created last year, I further improved upon my Fallout-styled "Raider" costume by including a finished Fallout 3 Pipboy:


The Pipboy was completely resculpted with Aves Apoxie sculpt over top of the original 3D printed piece. I wanted a more textured, worn looking piece than the smooth (sometimes stepped) 3D printed surface could provide. I used silicon "clay shapers" to acheive the torn and dented metal effect across the exterior.

Inside is a printed photo of a Pipboy screen. Although a phone fits (and can run either a simulated iOS FO3 pipboy app or the new FO4 official app) the way it's designed (compared to the new Fallout 4 Pipboy) made it difficult to retrieve the phone from inside. I placed green glow sticks underneath the photo to achieve a backlit effect.  LED wiring with a switch was provided by Mike over at Dark Matter Props.

The Pipboy's interior was a bit sharp, so after looping through and tying off flexible wrist loops, I used fabric adhesive to attach pieces of leather sourced from a double-sided cellphone case: the flaps on flat sections, and the bottom of the pockets to cover the raised interior portions -- including where the LED's light switch was installed. It can still be manipulated through the thin leather to turn it on/off. The 9V batter and wiring also resides inside the casing.

Advice to anyone attempting the Fallout 3 Styled pipboy: Hollow out the section (once assembled) under the 'rad' meter. It's empty space, and is perfectly suited to storing the 9V battery for any LEDs without eating into the interior space that should be used for a screen or phone.

Also, I found that once I wore the glove (similar to the FO3 early artwork for the pipboy with hand-dial), the Neonium magnets installed inside the edge weren't enough to keep the piece closed. to keep it from popping open, I daisy-chained a series of black zip-ties together around the wrist section when wearing this to Halloween get together. Magnets still hold it closed nicely when displayed though.

Work in Progress NCR Helmet:

The original casting was from Dark Matter Props and is still a work in progress as I resculpt and further modify it. I didn't wear it this Halloween, but posed with it on with some elements taped on (lenses, filter) at a friends request. :)

Work in Progress Fallout 3 Pipboy wrist computer
Original 3D model printed by Combustible Props:

I assembled, sanded, and resculpted it to have a more weathered and distressed surface. I also added leather interior and electronics.

 Fallout 3 Pipboy Reference and Inspiration:

Makeup Reference: