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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

FanExpo 2015 Raider / Mad Max Cosplay Redux

I was able to visit FANEXPO this year in Toronto, and decided to recycle my Fallout "Raider" costume from last year with simplified makeup and some new accessories. 

Since I wasn't able to use my machine-gun bullet casing belt this time around, I crafted a new one from clipped nails, and a dollar store Rambo-style plastic gunbelt and weathering paints. 

For walking around, I decided to also craft a Fallout style side-pack from a Fallout 3 collector's lunchbox, a belt, zip ties, and my laptop bags metal/fabric strap.

It was also wonderful meeting Philip Reed, Chief Executive Officer at Steve Jackson Games - but most notably to me - the fellow who runs BATTLEGRIP.COM. As a blog that I've been reading for many years, and someone I've communicated with though comments and email, it was really great to meet him in person.