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Thursday, May 21, 2015

WIP: Mad Max: Fury Road custom figure

On top of the (slightly crazy) number of Fallout / Post-Apocalyptic customs I've been sculpting for the past two years, I've added another project to the queue: Max in Fury Road.

I subscribe to the fan-theory that it's actually the new "max" is actually grunting feral boy (now calling himself 'Max') from Road Warrior who's continuing onward, wearing similar gear to his childhood role model - Mel Gibson's Max. This really adds to my appreciation of the character, and Tom Hardy's take on the role. 

In searching up high resolution reference art to inform the basic parts I'll use when designing the custom action figure, I came across an amazing thread at the Replica Prof Forum:

It breaks down the minutia of the costume work, and sources out what the items were (and how they were modified in many cases) that went into the costume's design. It's great when I need to figure out what kind of stitching is on the shoulders, or what kind of boots he's wearing: details that are hard to pull out of screen-grabs and promotional posters.