Custom Toys and Action Figures by Blayne

Friday, June 6, 2014

Update: Wasteland Series 2 and Fallout Custom Figures (WIP)

Recently, I've been working at incorporating 3D printed armours, heads, and other aspects into my custom made action figure projects. Below are a few 'work in progress' figures of varying levels of completion based on character designs from "Fallout".

There's about x2-x3 this downstairs in my 'dremel room' still awaiting assembly. I'm aiming to get every possible project I had 1/2 done completed (to the painting stage, at least) by the end of July. So far it's coming along really well. 

Of the three NCR Ranger figures I'm making, 1 is now 
spoken for in trade with a fellow artist. If anyone is interested in purchasing (or trading items for) any figures (once completed), let me know in advance. All figures were created for my personal collection, but based on offers made I could be convinced to part with some items.

UPDATE: More progress with the Brotherhood of Steel Powerarmor (torso sculpting/kneepads/shin resculpting/bicep armor, located a flag to repaint) and the Niner-Gasmask Wastelander figure (added a backpack).