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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Toronto Comicon 2014: Fallout NCR Ranger Art

I had a great time with friends at the Toronto Comicon this month. 

I took advantage of the convention atmosphere and wore a low-key John Connor (Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles series) cosplay, as well as making good use of my Doctor Who David Tennant "10th" Doctor suit. Conventions feel like adult-Halloween, particularly if you have a group of people to go with.

While I didn't go the route of exhibitor as I have in past years, it was great having time to spend with friends and to gather some new themed commission art:

NCR Rangers (Fallout: New Vegas)
Art by Erik Irwin 

Art by Craig Wilson ( )

Original art by Luis Neto ( )
Digital Modifications by Blayne Scott

Art by Meng Wang ( )