Custom Toys and Action Figures by Blayne

Friday, October 11, 2013

Toronto Toyfare & Custom Contest

The past few weeks were busy: In addition to photographing a backlog of my custom figure work, I also finished up a few pieces to display at the Toronto Toy Faire "OctToyberfest" in Vaughan, ON. The weekend prior, I also attended the 10th annual Canadian Action Figure Expoin Richmond Hill, ON.

Both conventions went well, but I had the most fun at The Toronto Toyfare's 'OctToyberfest'. The Toronto Toy Fare was organized primarily by Shane Kirshenblatt and his wife. Shane reached out to me as a Toronto-area toy customizer back in September to see if I'd be interested in attending the show. 

In partnership with the great Toronto toy company "Happy Worker", he hosted a convention based custom toy contest.  The prize for Best Variant Figure went to one cool fellow, and I took home the medal for Best Original Figure & Best Figure at the show. :)

While I won a prize pack of Happy Worker action figures and a nice medal, the grand prize I'll collect in November is a day at Happy Worker Toys! Kris Schantz, Happy Worker co-founder and his team will show me the design and production process of making a toy. Such an excellent prize!


Happy Worker Toys also had a booth setup to display the various figures they've produced, as well as prototypes and '2-ups' used in the production process.

For more photos from the convention- visit the Toronto Toy Fare site.