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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FanExpo 2013: Predator 1000 AD Commissioned Art

Of the 11 pieces of artwork I have from FanExpo this year, 10 of them were based on Predator: 1000 AD series custom figures I've made. 4 of these were drawn by David J. Cutler ( 

Using the actual figure as a reference, he and other artists created their interpretations of these Predators. It was an exciting thing to see character designs I've put together reinterpreted in another medium.

Artist Information: 
1-4: David J. Cutler ( 

5: Meng Wang ( / (http://lucidsky.deviantart.com6: Teshawn Dwyer ( [I needed to modify this piece in Photoshop. The original art was far too ink-heavy, leading to a very murky original7: Andrew Kwan ( Liz Natali Rivero ( / (
9: Jessica Mao ( 
10: 'Mad Sketch' - provided an artist collective business card ( and a sigil-based signature.[Image was modified from the original art by horizontally 'stretching' it in Photoshop to correct for the squeezed perspective the original artist used.]

11: Shawn Daley ( - NCR Ranger


I also had the good fortune to meet Max Brooks, author of WWZ and The Zombie Survival Guide.