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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Procustomizers Compeition - Predators:1000 AD Series Contest Winners

With 50% of the votes, my custom 'Predator of Antioch' won 1st place in the contest this June. My other 2 entries (Predator of Byzantium, and Druidic Predator) each scored 25% and 21% of the vote as well.

[Update: As of 2015, is no longer online - it was a great resource and community while it lasted. Link content now hosted by]

Each of my 3 contest entries is part of a figure series I've wanted to create for some time, titled Predators: 1000 AD. In the vein of Dark Horse Alien and Predator comics from the '90s, each figure would have a short backstory that could serve as a stand alone 'issue' in a fictional issue of DarkHorse Presents, focusing on a particular Predator on Earth in that time period.

I've posted each of the figures from Series 1 to FigureRealm's Showcase, and they're receiving some very positive feedback: 
The Predator of Antioch (First Crusade, 1098)
The Predator of Byzantium (First Crusade, 1098-1099)
God of Bones: Druidic Predator Chieftain (1100 AD)
God of Bones: Dragonbone Throne
I'm glad people like them so much - they were all a blast to create.