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Friday, March 15, 2013

Jill Frost - Original Character Custom Figure

  Jill_Frost_final_0 Jill_Frost_final_1 Jill_Frost_final_3 Jill_Frost_final_4 Jill_Frost_final_5 Jill_Frost_final_6 Jill_Frost_final_7 Jill_Frost_final_8 Jill_Frost_final_9 Jill_Frost_blaynescott_FR_2

Work In Progress and Reference

Jill_Frost_blaynescott_FR_WIP_Collage  mrhobby_superclear_matte_UVcut_spray

"Jill Frost" is an original character that looks like a cross between superheroes Iceman and Emma Frost (no relation, apparently). 

This figure was based on original artwork done by a fellow's wife. As you can see in the 'work in progress' collage shot, she's quite talented with digital illustration.

Read more about how this figure was made here.