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Friday, March 15, 2013

DUTCH in Predator Armor (v2) Custom Figure

dutchv2_1 dutchv2_2 dutchv2_3 dutchv2_4 dutchv2_5 dutchv2_5a dutchv2_5b dutchv2_5c dutchv2_6 dutchv2_7 dutchv2_8a dutchv2_8b dutchv2_9a dutchv2_9b dutchv2_9c dutchv2_FR1 dutchv2_FR2 dutchv2_FR3

Work in Progress and Reference (v2)

dutchv2_reference1 dutchv2_reference2 dutchv2_reference3 dutchv2_wip_dutch_mod1 dutchv2_wip_dutch_mod2 dutchv2_wip_dutch_mod2B dutchv2_wip_dutch_mod3 dutchv2_wip_dutch_mod4

Work in Progress and Reference (v1)


Initially, it was hinted in an early draft of the film "PREDATORS", Arnold would appear at the end, decked out in Predator armor, having commandeered a ship. While this didn't pan out in the final script, it made for a great custom figure project.

This is an updated version of my original "Dutch" in Predator Combat armor custom. 

I envisioned it's how he'd look when military equipment was combined with scavenged Predator armor/trophies. Everything would be retrofitted together, meshing the alien technology with US Military clothing using buckles & straps.

This additional accessories and sculpture/paint revisions were made at the request of the customer who purchased this figure.

Read how the first version this figure was made here (v1).

Read how the second (customer revised) version was made here (v2).