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Friday, March 15, 2013

Real Person as AVATAR Na'vi Jake Sully Custom Figure

avatar_done_front_closeup avatar_done_front avatar_done_side avatar_done_back avatar_front avatar_side1 avatar_side2 avatar_back avatar_custom_backboard_back avatar_custom_backboard_front avatar_done_cardback_final avatar_done_package_front

Work in Progress Photos

avatar_headsculpt_WIP_headsculpt  avatar_wip_paintv2_first_coat  avatar_1st version_lighterblue

A friend of a big fan of ‘James Cameron’s Avatar’ commissioned this piece in 2011, featuring a likeness of the fan as a Na’vi.

It's challenging to make an accurate likeness of any real person at such a small scale, and on top of that - he needed to look like a Na'vi warrior -- yet still be recognizable as the person it was modeled after.

I used the great services of to generate a rough 3D print of the man's face (using some modified reference photos). Afterward, I used Aves Apoxie sculpt and Citadel Green Stuff to create the Na'vi look. The base figure was from the 'Movie Masters' Avatar toy line, and was repainted head to toe (tail?), then sealed.

I also created a custom resealable package for the figure using my skills in photoshop, laser printed sticker sheets and an existing clamshell toy's packaging, sourced from a 7th Kingdom figure.

Read more about how the figure was made here.