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Friday, February 1, 2013

Customizing without knives: Reprolabels

The first customizing I did as a child was adding stickers to my toys. It's something that I really love doing, even today.

I owned so few brand new figures in the late '80s/early '90s that applying a new sheet of stickers to a figure was a rare experience. In a small way, it allowed you to add personal detail to your figures that could be changed later on without damage.

Hasbro, owning Transformer and GI Joe franchises seemed the most sticker-friendly of all toy brands. This is something that continues today with the occasional pack-in stickers. However, picks up where those leave off. They create laser-cut shapes around custom printed stickers on metallic, clear, or opaque backgrounds. I find the clear and metallic background stickers have the best print quality, with little-to-no dithering occurring, even on tiny stickers. The stock is also a nice semi-flexible plastic, completely unlike the home use inkjet sticker papers available.

I recieved an interesting sticker sheet among my order from ReproLabels today: The Transformer 'Compendium' set, containing a variety of logos and stickers I recognize, and many I didn't. The sheet contains a neat cross section of stickers that you can affix to various Transformers. Even if they don't officially 'fit' with the designation (some are pretty obscure/specific) - some of the more general Autobot/Decepticon logos (and their multiple variations) are great fun.

I asked around online, and compiled a list of what's what on this sheet. I've numbered an enlarged version of the image for reference. I've added some specifics about what each logo type is in brackets.

1. Maximals (Autobot Animal Transformers)
2. War Within Decepticons (from the Dreamwave TF comic miniseries, taking place on Cybertron)
3. Autobots (Movie-verse)
4. Ancient Autobots
5. Emirate Xeon
6. Wreckers (a tactical team of Autobot Transformers)
7. Dinobots (Beast Machines/Beast Wars Era)
8. Botcon Predacon (Decepticon Animal Transformers)
9. Autobot Cybertron Defence Team (TF: Cybertron)
10. Ancient Cybertronian
11. Seekers (Reprolabels design-an-Insignia winner)
12. Renegade (from RiD/'Robots in Disguise' - representing a sub group of Decepticons)
13. Cobra (from GI JOE)
14. Shattered Glass Autobot (Mirror Universe 'evil' autobots)
15. Autobot Elite Guard
16. Predacons (Decepticon Animal Transformers)
17. Beast Machines Maximal (Cybernetic machine-looking Animal Autobots)
18. Unicron (Planet eating evil robot, voiced by Orson Wells)
19. Earth Defence Command
20. Transtech Decepticon
21. War Within Autobots (from the Dreamwave TF comic miniseries, taking place on Cybertron)
22. Decepticon/Cobra Alliance  (Transformers/GI Joe crossover)
23. Sumdac Corporation (Animated)
24. Decepticon
25. G2 Autobot (Generation 2 comics/toys, figures had alot of fushia and pastel colors)
26. Vehicon
27. Cybertron Guard
28. Quintesson (Tentacled, multi-faced robots from Transfomers: The Movie)
29. Decepticon (Movie-verse)
30. G2 Decepticon (Generation 2 comics/toys, figures had alot of fushia and pastel colors)
31. Shattered Glass Decepticon (Mirror Universe 'good guy' Decepticons)
32. Minicon (from Transformers Armada - small/tiny transformers)
33. Transtech Autobot (Transtech = canceled toyline between Beast Machines/TF: Armada)
34. Eradicons (War Within Ratbat's faction)
35. Autobot

For a great index of all these logos (and more), visit: