Custom Toys and Action Figures by Blayne

Thursday, January 10, 2013

WIP: Transformer "Legends" sized Trypticon Custom

I picked up a Legends Zoids Gojulas kit off ebay for about $20, and modded it as I built it. The head has the most work. It's a shame the superglue fogged the inner orange window - there's a silver gun in there, just like the full-size Trypticon.

So far, Trypticon's painted up with metallic dark-gray spraypaint (automotive brand), and detailed with Vallejo acrylics. To avoid paint rub, he's been sealed with Mr. Spray UV Cut matte spray.

The figure doesn't transform, or have any motors in it, but it's pretty awesome with all it's ball joints posability-wise. I'd highly recommend building these Zoids Legends kits even without customization - they're pretty fun, quick projects.

! FYI: While the "Mr. Spray UV cut Matte" is amazing stuff, and works great with Vallejo, Tamiya, Mr. Hobby/Mr. Color lacquer paint (what it was designed for) -- don't under any circumstances use it over top of Krylon. I made this mistake on another project's windshield, and it reacted pretty horribly. Suprising, as it's never done this with other acrylics - I'm guessing there must be something in Krylon's chemical makeup that doesn't agree with Mr. Spray. Thankfully, there's no Krylon on Trypticon here.