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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse: 1:18 Undead (Part 1)

 Burnt military trooper Zombie

Military Helicopter Pilot Zombie (from Walking Dead 'Clementine' video game)

Navy zombie with Lifejacket

Black male zombie. I managed to find a use for miscast headcast from a previous 'survivor' I made years ago for my 'Left 4 Dead' commissioned playset.) Also, the skinny arms the GI Joe: Renegades figure had were useful in pulling off that dessicated walking corpse look.

 Female zombie teen. Originally a MEZCO 3 3/4 'Liz' Hellboy figure, I always though those weird, distended hands at weird angles were zombie-like. I'll be adding new lower legs (pants) based on available parts.

Military HAZMAT zombie

Male clothed (residential) Zombie

City dwelling zombie, whitecollar worker undead

Prisoner jumpsuit zombie / Prison survivor (with swappable head, not pictured)

Heavily decayed zombie. I was a bit disappointed to get this torso-cast, as I found out whoever made the original just sculpted the recessed areas on *top* of an existing GI Joe body without first dremmeling down the surface. The result was a really THICK zombie. I had to sculpt arms to match, and use legs that weren't as thin as I wanted. :( I'll be adding tattered soft-plastic shreds to the legs for the remnants of his pants.