Custom Toys and Action Figures by Blayne

Sunday, December 16, 2012

WiP: Powercore Combiner WST G1 Bruticus Transformer Custom

-TFC Toys 'Iron Army' PCC (Powercore Combiner) limb set
-Transformers PCC 'Huffer' truck
-Downscaled KO G1 Bruticus from
-Transformers PCC Steelshot (Bombshock redeco)

The result is a high articulated G1 Bruticus. In his present colors, he looks like a WWII 'Robots in Disguise' "Ruination" - who was a redeco of the combiner Bruticus anyhow. :)

I'd like to color-match the Huffer figure, as the yellow/tan color looks good with the brown/green/gray limbs.