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Sunday, December 16, 2012

WiP: P-33 Lightening WWII Plane Transformer

This is the first stage in repainting a Transformers Voyager-sized 'Powerdive' into more realistic colors.*

*-As realistic as a WWII plane that turns into a robot can be.

I noticed in all the shots of actual P-38's, the cockpit is much further forward, rather than slung back. I'm thinking it was a modification so the shoulder pads could split to reveal the head. Still, this is a really cool mold, and turns into a fantastic transformer.

Disassembled the spring-laded rotor blades, and spray painted those and the weird purple guns/bombs with a hammered dark-metallic finish, then reattached.

Dipped the disassembled orange canopy into Tamiya Clear Red, let that drip-dry, then dipped it in Future Floor Polish: an old trick for getting a glossy, and sealed canopy from aircraft modelers I've talked with over the years.

All the robotic innars were painted with Vallejo gunmetal metalics, and will have additional detailing in silver & copper.

The rest is Citadel black ink washed all over the figure then wiped off. It helps bring out the panel line detail, and actually darkened the finish as well. I used rubbing Alcohol and a Q-tip over the wings and near the canopy to simulate grim streaks (or clean streaks in the grime) from simulated rain/wind.

Here's some comparison shots of the unmodified figure in all it's G2 purple, green & teal glory: