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Sunday, December 16, 2012

WiP: Ninja Turtles 'Slash' Customs

I really like the new Ninja Turtle figures. They're really articulated, and sturdy, and unlike the 2nd series of figures coming out - not too anime-exaggerated.

Taking note of Jin Saotome's version, I decided to create my own 'Slash', the black-eye mask wearing snapping turtle.

I added sculpted nails using Kneedite/Citadel 'green stuff'. However, since the plastic this figure is made from is slightly waxy (in the same way GI Joe/Starwars joints are) - sculpt doesn't bond to it well. To get around this, I sculpted on the figure, let the material cute, the 'popped' each nail off the figure, used some airplane-grade superglue, and reaffixed it.

 The blowing mask-tails were cut from a DCUC figure's soft-plastic gun holster. Resculpted face later, this figure is almost ready for a new paintjob.

I'm working on one for myself, and another to sell on eBay, since Slash seems to be a popular character.


  Of all the versions I'd seen online of this custom, no one bothered to actually sculpt a snapping turtle shell. They'd all a horn or two, or triangle-cut the edges for 'battle damage' instead.

So, using some google-image photoreferences, I sculpted an accurate snapping turtles shell for this figure.