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Sunday, December 16, 2012

WiP: Hellblazer 'Simon Bisley' styled John Constantine (v2) Custom Figure

It's interesting to see the evolution of the 'John Constantine' character across the HELLBLAZER comic covers.

As the series nears it's end, comic artist Simon Bisley's cover art introduced a really gritty, punk-ish Constantine. The longer hair, complete with stringy side-hair (those... aren't sideburns, as far as I can tell), and a sunken, strung out look. Given the life this character's led since the 1980's comics, I think this is a fitting look for Constantine.

Mattel, through their collector's club released a version of Constantine recently, seen below.

Where to start... the monkey-arms? The freakishly long shins? The giant seamlines running along his face?

I wasn't happy with this, so I combined it with elements of figures from MEZCO 'Heroes' line, DC's Movie Masters', and even elements from DC Direct's old take on the character (that one who looked like Mr. Bean made in the early 00's). That + some careful resculpting and repainting using flexible Mr. Hobby lacquer paints:

Here's some reference art I'm using for the final paint work:

Update:  He's finished!