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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A new take on "Fruticus"/"Dudicus": Brawl as a Backpack!

I really love the concept of combining Transformers. They were a highlight of my childhood, but I didn't have too many (A full Devastator/"Constructicons" team, and 3/4's of Predaking).

As an adult, I've made sure to pick up the modern versions of each combiner, one which "Bruticus" is a favorite. The commercial for the 2nd generation of toys ("G2"), Bruticus is one I actually remember watching on TV as a kid.

Watcing this ad again, I'm reminded of how popular the Beastie Boys were back then. ;)

When the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron game came out, Hasbro released a new series of Transformers through their 'Generations' line that had non-earth based vehicle modes - including a new Bruticus (Left). This was suppose to be modeled on the in-game look of Bruticus (Right):

Yeah. Somewhere between the game's reference art, and Hasbro's CAD program, Bruticus became rather lanky. FOC Bruticus was the victim of high oil prices, and other factors which resulted in smaller and very, very hollow Transformers compared to those made a few years ago.

While I still prefer the streamlined look of a modified TF: Energon Bruticus mold, thanks to FansProject's add-on set, (seen above next to my MakeToys 'Green Giant'/ Devastator), I still thought I could create something out of the lanky version.

When BBTS posted their shared exclusive "G2" Bruticus, it caught my interest. Most of "Generation 2" Transformers were re-releases of older '80s bots, recast in neon or pastel colors - in the case of G2 Bruticus, the new release even mimicked the neon-camo scheme of the original figure.

When I opened the figure today, I decided to do some modification - but not customization.

I got another Helicopter ("Vortex") from the retail line (different colors), allowing Bruticus to have double-helicopter arms - by far the more balanced look than that strange 'space shuttle' for an arm. The shuttle was switched to be a leg/foot, and the tank ("Brawl") was used as a backpack.

The overall effect mimics the smokestack/double-canon the original figure had, and avoids the ugly hollow gun  included by Hasbro that plugged (loosely) into the back of the figure. Having the tank connect to the torso robot's "tiny arms" ("Onslaught's") with the help of the dual-5mm posts sticking out of the helicopter's sword-accessories allows this modification to be possible. Having the tank as a backpack adds some bulk to the (hollow) torso, and helps with the figure's balance too.

I realize this sort of thing would be mundane to the extreme for most people - but I'm not most people. :)
Until now, I've not come across anything close to this "alternate" transformation at TFW2005's forums, or elsewhere. Hopefully it helps other Transformer fans to change their existing figure - one that otherwise might look less than stellar without some modification.