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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Work in Progress: President Roslin from Battlestar Galactica 2

I ordered the 3D render I generated from photo references below from

Reference shot of the unreleased Roslin figure.

For a project that meant recreating an unreleased BSG figure:

This is what arrived:

So, I provided their customer service with some accurate measurements for a reprint:

So, a month passes and last week, 2 copies of the reprint arrived... and are sized as the default 'GI Joe'/Star Wars 3.75" scale heads, totally ignoring the diagram/measurements I sent them (pictured above). 
I'm.... not impressed. As a result, I've had to recast the larger sized head, and experiment with Hydroshrink / Hydroshrink to create a scaled down jelly copy -- then (fingers crossed) it scales correctly as it cures - allowing me the change to recast that and make a copy with another mold, filled with Smooth-on resin. (Similar to the process of resizing toy parts shown here.)

Once/if that's successful, I can finally start sculpting the hair. The 2 month delay really put this project behind schedule. So - beware when ordering specific sizes from They've always been good with providing replacments when their prints are screwed up - but twice in a row? Someones asleep at the switch. :-(