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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Work in Progress: 1000AD Predators Custom Toy Series

Most of these figures are about 80% complete sculpt & assembly-wise as of last year. I had to leave them behind due to luggage weight restrictions when I moved overseas to teach.

After watching the film 'Prometheus' (which inspired another project of mine in a few months time), I decided to set aside my Transformer customs as my recreational customize projects, and focus on these in my off-hours.

The concept is essentially Predators who went 'native', and utilized a combination of trophies and scavenged armor/weapons from the cultures/regions they hunted in. Lasers and explosives make sense when fighting modern military - but in 1000AD? I'd assume these creatures would give themselves an intentional handicap to make things interesting.  Below are some frankenstien's monsters of Predator customs I've assembled/spliced together before any extensive sculpting takes place.

Celtic Druid Predator (Ireland c.980AD)

Mayan 'Bad Blood' Predator (North America c. 1000 AD)

European Crusades Predator (Europe/Middle East c.1200AD)

Ronin Predator (Japan c.1400AD)

One last Predator that doesn't fit into the 1000AD theme - Nanotech Combat Armor Predator. 

My thinking behind this one is in the far future, this Predator caste would be the type that would conduct espionage/tactical attacks while at war with other species - particularly the 'Space Jockeys', and later on, humanity when we start colonizing their hunting worlds. :)

Many of these (paricularly the 'Bad Blood' Predator) were inspired by the statues sculpted by Narin, whose well known in the AvP/Predator online communities. His design aesthetic leans away from the canon look established in Predator 2, toward more ornate armors, and a rough, almost dragon skin, meshed with smooth muscle areas. I've successfully used texture stamping (with textures harvested from a variety of sources) to achieve this look myself. Some of these WiP shots are pre-sculpt, but it can be seen in a few where I used black Aves Apoxie Sculpt.