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Friday, June 22, 2012

Great WriteUp about NECA Lost Predators Figure Series

In my spare time, I've been working on a series I called Predator: 1000AD, as shown in Predator 2 - as I posted about here in my "Work In Progress" area. I really like NECA's Predator figure series, as the quality of their sculpt and plastic are top notch. For me, they make excellent sources of material for my own custom Predators.

(Picture from Predator: 1718)

OAFE has a great writeup on NECA's 'Lost Predators', seen on the ship at the end of the Danny Glover opus "Predator 2". I never understood why they were called 'Lost' Predator, believing they were a tribe split off from the rest of their species. The explanation is alot more simple though, as described by Randy from NECA toys:

[T]hey became known as the "Lost" because literally almost everything on these guys was lost after shooting. The crew at Stan Winston's put all these Preds together very quickly and none of it was well documented. Very little of the original costumes, armor, or the trophy skulls survived. We have scoured the net, the stuntman and athletes who were the suits, and some of the artists who worked for Winston at the time. Major time and effort was put into re-creating all of these guys 2 years ago. Very proud of the results and what we were able to do. 
Neat stuff. I'm really looking forward to these coming out, as NECA has upgraded their basic predator body to have ball jointed hips, and actual 3-part leg that uses a Marvel Legends type of knee joint. For me, these figures are full of great pieces I can use to create my own 'Predator' figures. :)