Custom Toys and Action Figures by Blayne

Friday, May 6, 2011

May Custom Figure Update

Here's the currently backlog of figures that needed posting to my website's Gallery area. Enjoy!

These are the latest two commissioned figures from my "Horror Lantern" series, which combines 80's/90's horror icons with the various types of Lanterns in the DC Universe.
This month, Leatherface as an Orange Lantern, and HALLOWEEN's Michael Myers as Indigo Tribe.

From my "Wasteland" Post-Apocalyptic series of custom figures:

From an upcoming line of PREDATOR custom figures is my rendition of Arnold as 'Dutch', wearing PREDATOR armor:

This is a figure that I made last year as a commission, based on an owner of the local comic store in Kingston, Ontario:

These are some custom figures based on Marvel Comics characters (Hulkbuster and Extremis armor IRON MAN, a DC-Universe-Classics style Daredevil, and a Magnetic Ultimate Spider-Man:

Here are some from the DC Universe, including my vision of Doctor Fate, as predicted in Neil Gaiman's "Books of Magic", where in the distant future, the Fate helmet goes insane.
Also pictured are Black Adam, and an updated photo shoot John Constantine.

More figures on the way. :)