Custom Toys and Action Figures by Blayne

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back from the Canadian Toy Expo

It's been a busy week with the Canadian Toy Expo in Burelington, ON, finishing off a few commissioned pieces, and preparing for my move back to South Korea.

I'll continue to customize while overseas, but taking on any new commissions can only be considered starting in June. :)

* * *

I tried something new at the Toy Expo, and provided bags of loose figures &/or parts for customizing for $5 each. They sold really well, and helped start a few people into customizing their figures. It also drew alot of current customizers to my booth.

Lots of thanks toeveryone who stopped by this weekend to chat. :)

Below are some shots from the Toy Expo I took this weekend.

I also came across something unexpected: A custom figure made by Jin Saotome! The guy selling it was one of the Transformer toy dealers who parting with all of his animated-style TFs. It was great to see one of Jin's custom figures in person - it looked fantastic. Back in 2007, seeing Jin's work online inspired me to combine my sculpting and painting skills together into customizing toys too. :)

Custom figure update coming soon. :)