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Friday, February 4, 2011

What *she* said

I came across a wonderful china doll creator via a culture blog I read.

While my experience with porcelain starts and ends with dishes, this woman's work, specifically her painting, is stunning. When describing why she creates figures, I couldn't help but agree.

"I believe that one can not use moderation when it comes to art. Art must be what it must be, and I love extravagant art. My constant dilemma with who I am is whether I’m contributing to the problem of rampant, pointless consumerism, or if I’m somehow adding to the beauty of the world with what I create. Perhaps I’m doing both and I can’t help myself. I can’t stop doing what I do because I’m in love with the process of creation.

But If I must make things with my hands, if I can’t live any other way, then I must make them in a meaningful way. The universe is a fantastic creation that appeared out of the void. If I’m going to add objects to that universe, then I have an obligation to honor it with my creations, not clutter it with thoughtless, meaningless, cheap, disposable and forgettable trash. The objects I make, must be more than things-they must become meaningful experiences for people. That’s the only way to justify our possessions. My [figures] must enhance the quality of life in some small measure in order to validate their existence. And I vow to do that."

While there's a world of difference between the monsters, superheroes, and people I craft and her dolls, the justification of purpose probably resonates with alot of artists. :-)

- Blayne